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Date of Foundation: March 21, 2021
Founders:  Vinh Vo
Middle Georgia United's major milestones.

◦ Finished 3rd in the table to qualify for playoffs in year 2 of operation.

◦ Finished within the top 5 of the table in the inaugural year.

◦ Finished in the semifinals.
◦ Produced players to play professionally.


Middle Georgia United FC was originally known as Knights FC founded in the fall of 2015 as a club team for the local college of Middle Georgia. The club competed in various tournaments, local leagues in Macon and Warner Robins, and branched out to compete with other collegiate club teams. By the Fall of 2018, Knights FC moved on from the collegiate background to join the Atlanta District Adult Soccer League (ADASL) partnering with Peachtree City MOBA. Under a new identity in honor of the partnership came MOBA Knights FC, a division 2 amateur adult league team. After 3 successful and evolving seasons in the ADASL, the Knights split from MOBA and decided to make the jump to the United Premier Soccer League (UPSL) in the Spring of 2021. During this new adventure, the Knights FC transitioned into Middle Georgia United FC. Now they compete in their inaugural semi-professional season on the national level. Middle Georgia United FC plays its home matches at Stratford Academy in Macon, Georgia.

The illusion that those kids awakened in that man was predestined for something big. Not only did he help them with the equipment they needed; he also got involved in their education and helped the neediest ones so that they would not drop out of school or school. He was almost a second father with whom many would get to know the country in unforgettable excursions.

Joao's little school - as the people called them - was a spectacle that went around the seven corners and was the center of attention. Nobody wanted to miss the soccer of those brats capable of beating and even beating the youth teams in the communities they visited on weekends. It was a party that would even force the suspension of more than one NPSL game because the JOAO SCHOOLS played in the silverbacks.

Their consolidation came with triumphs, but, especially, from understanding the game as a spectacle that requires always giving more. This pact with the ball defined a style and an identity that over the years consolidated the institution as the most successful team in the city, generating male nationally.
Champions on 15 occasions and in the local leagues at the time, Atlanta City FC is currently one of the most successful teams in the region and the most recognized team in the state of Atlanta.
Since its inception, Atlanta City has been a youth team champion and in 2015 participated in the Georgia Soccer state championship. At that time, it achieved its first major title in undefeated quality.

Glories in local leagues and first title as undefeated in U8 and U12 categories.
Atl City joined the Classic I, Classic II and Academy level tournament and despite the favoritism that accompanied it, lost the promotion to the next level in its first season as CL I-II.

Over the years now our institution will be participating in the semi-professional league (UPSL).
With vision to continue projecting young people to reach the highest level and fulfill their dreams to become realities.





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